Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lenders Top of Mind: Obama, Loan Modifications, FHA, and Other Concerns for 2009

5. Obama. Good or Bad For mortgage industry? According to a New York Times article today he plans to tighten regulation on mortgage brokers, although the article doesn't go into specifics.
4. Loan Modifications: Largely unregulated cottage industry could be a boon for helping unqualified refinance applicants find a different path to mortgage relief. Bad actors taking fees or deposits without providing benefit, present a challenge.
3. FHA. The FHA will continue to ascend as a safe haven and lender of choice for the industry. FHA limits will likely be increased again to 2008 levels
2. Wholesale Lending. With #1 wholesaler Chase out of the game, the options become even slimmer for mortgage brokers.
1. Home Values. Afraid to look at your 401(k) balance? Delete that automated Zillow Zestimate before opening it. Many believe that home values will continue to languish until 2010.

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