Thursday, May 29, 2008

Blue Chip Expert Spam

Over the past 30 days I have receive many emails from present and past colleagues and friends inviting me to join a recruitment website calle "Blue Chip Expert" The Email reads as follows:

Hi Paul,

I just joined Blue Chip Expert and wanted to invite you to join as well.

Blue Chip Expert is an invitation-only career site focused on professionals with excellent qualifications. It's confidential, completely free to join and use, and only takes a few minutes to join.

Also, every time a person you invite is hired you earn a referral fee which you can either keep or direct to your favorite non-profit. Referral fees can really add up as they are paid on three levels of referral for ten years.

There's a lot more to it - check it out at:

Best as always,

This, in my opinion is one of the worst perversions of "social" web technology. It is a recruitment website which enables members to earn commissions on recruitment fees earned when someone they recommended to the website takes a job.

It presents itself as an exclusive, membership only site, when in reality it is a social network marketing scheme.

Count me out, and please don't send me any more form invitations.

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Anonymous said...

READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS BEFORE YOU JOIN > NOT A SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE: Yours is one of the few critical comments I could glean from the web. This company has managed to flood the internet with innocuous hpyerbole. I read the terms and conditions and came to the same conclusion you did - they negotiate salary with the employer, they get a piece of my action, bu what do I get in return?