Monday, March 17, 2008

Sparkroom: Mortgage Lead Performance Optimization

I think all mortgage outfits spending money on interent leads intend to be analytics driven organizations. But the distractions of an independent sales culture, of multiple origination channels, of substandard lead managment technology, are obstacles for many despite best intentions.

Enter Sparkroom, a new Lead Peformance Optimization company. (Full disclosure: I've known Ed Powell, one of the co-founders since his days at LendingTree).

They've been hanging around lead generation conferences, and quietly poking around. Now they are ready to join the conversation.

I'm looking forward to hearing more from them! Shared analytics and transparent conversations about what works and what doesn't are a boon for this industry.

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Anonymous said...

speaking of mortgages... only 13 more years to go... :/

p.s. i just came across sparkroom the other day and i have to say i was impressed with them.