Thursday, November 01, 2007

American Express Plum Card - Best Deal for PPC Spend

The Plum Card will be released by American Express on November 5th, targeting small business, with spending of $5,000 or more monthly. There are countless cards out there offering cash rebates of some form or another, typically a 1% rebate and a higher rebate on selected low-ticket activity.

The Plum Card is unique as it offers a 2% discount (read: immediate) on your statement if you pay within 10 days of your billing cycle date.

This card is a no-brainer especially for affiliates, or any business spending a lot of money on advertising via credit card post pay, every month.

As expected, AMEX has done a super job marketing this, outdone I think only by the unique value that the product offers small business owners. Apply For the Card.

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Anonymous said...

This card also provides a 10% Net 60 Terms. You can choose to pay 10% of the balance on the first month's statement and pay the remainder of the balance on the second month's statement. Great for cash flow and businesses with high accounts receivables.