Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Money:Tech NYC 2008: Web 2.0 for Wall Street

Tim O'Reilly announced today a conference to take place in February 2008 in New York City that will attempt to bring together web 2.0 technology and thinking, with the needs of Wall Street.

What other new kinds of data are being exposed in today's increasingly networked world that can be the foundation for insight and value creation? That's what this conference intends to showcase. We want to bring Web 2.0 entrepreneurs to Wall Street, so that the Street can learn from these companies -- and help teach them about new ways to leverage the data they are gathering. Because that's the other key insight here: many startups toiling in the fields of the consumer internet are missing opportunities to monetize their data in financial markets.

Concepts that could be developed include:

-Real time intelligence and technology for extracting meaning from data.

-High speed trading strategies

-Using freely available web data to enhance market decisions

-Next generation trading communities

Not to be missed!

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Anonymous said...

Paul, this is exciting and perfect timing (out of crisis always comes ingenuity). I'm in. JK