Monday, August 13, 2007

Internet Leads Discussion at Leads2007

Former DeepGreen and QuickenLoans executive Bill Rice of Kaleidico has put together a interesting group of folks at Leads2007. You can see the attendee list on the link.

If anything the room is full of innovative and entrepreneurial thinkers who have a passion for the industry and who believe there is benefit from collective thinking on macro issues such as data standardization, lender best practices and analytics.

In my mind the biggest hurdle for the industry is the short-form lead generation technique invented in 1998 and still in practice. Many of the problems related to the management of leads related businesses (bogus leads, duplicates, contact rates, CRM optimization) are a result of consumers reacting to an online experience which is not entirely what they were hoping for, but for which there exists few/no alternative models.

For a moment, consider, how could we delight the consumer? Most are unable to complete this thought, or answer this question.

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