Friday, June 30, 2006

Hand Crafted results at MSN

Many have speculated that hand jobs persist in the SERPS, now we have proof.

Apply now to get a position as an MSN Hand-Job practitioner.

Must be able to type fast! (exerpt):

If you are an expert at using at least 3 different search engines, well versed with American English/colloquial usage, and can type at > 149 words/minute as measured by the Simia-Lico method – come join us and delight users real-time!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Mortgage Rates headed down

The first signs of a cooling inflation fears arrived today The New York Times reported.

Investors are looking for signs that Mr. Bernanke, like the veteran Alan Greenspan who preceded him at the Fed, can manage a tricky transition, achieving a "soft landing" from a period of strong economic growth and rising inflation to an era when underlying inflation slows without throwing the economy into a tailspin.

Lets see if that tailspin comes sooner and stronger than expected.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

CSCA baby

Man, I've been obsessed with CSCA short codes. First it is a travelling laundry detergent bus pleading with me to text them, then the HSBC around the corner from where I live is hosting a "beauty pageant" in the window of the bank, as part of their point of view marketing campaign, where you can text your opinion to a 5 digit sms short code and they will post it on their website. I want to be the guy that blows their ad budget on models and text messages. When's the launch party at Marquee??

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Mosquito Ring Tones?

British company Compound Security developed the Mosquito a few years back, as a way to ward of teens from congregating in unwanted places.

The Mosquito device sends out a high pitched annoying noise that can only be heard by people under 25 years of age.

The developers never imagined that the repellent would be converted into an inaudible to teachers or parents.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Lead Traders the next Wall St. Sex symbol

That's the prediction from /Root chairman Lew Ranieri at invite-only demonstration today of the firm's new portal for mortgage lead buyers and sellers.

The firm hopes to make exchange for leads, and is backed by some significant venture capital.

Ranieri, who is credited with helping invent the market for mortgage backed securities, let a discussion about his background in developing market exchanges, and why he thinks there is a significant opportunity creating one for the lead generation industry.

But don't worry, you can keep on spammin' and jammin' - /Roots system quantifies quality only by seller or by lead attributes - and not by publisher.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Call Almighty

Did you notice all the 800# numbers appearing on pay per click ads? Who says the call is more expensive than online fulfillment? In my biz, it is cheaper.

Despite all the efforts to "automate" the loan sales process, we still live in a world where the phone needs to ring and customers want to speak to a salesperson.

Forrester has confirmed this again. No surprises here.

Lead alligators

Unfortunately for the consumer, the chief accomplishment of internet for mortgage lending has been its ability to disseminate personal information (leads) to multiple financial institutions.

With the direct to consumer mortgage business continuing to whither from its 2003 apex, this industry and its supporters are ailing.

Lowermybills, just announced via a letter to their lender network, that they increase the amount of times a lead can be sold to 5.

How that can be good for anyone except LMB, I'm not quite sure. In fact, word on the street has it that major mortgage lenders are pulling back from their lead buying. Who knows where their quest for profitability in uncertain markets will lead them next.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

The next refinance boom?

With housing bubbles bursting everywhere, Bernanke hiking rates in hopes of the long hyped "soft landing", plummeting value of the US dollar, where are we headed? Financial gloom and doom theories for the future of the US housing market, stock market, currencies, abound. And all of this is good news in the long term for the mortgage business. The economy will be so hammered by late 2007 that the fed will actually decide to drop rates. Look for strong refinance activity in 2008, 2009.